UPDATED 2021-09-21

Welcome to my Website!

Short introduction

My name is link16hit
I like to play all-sort of video games, and listening to video game music!
I dislike censorship. Censorship of video-games, or censorship by the media

Games I actually play

  • ?Programming skills?

    I learned at college different programming language, excepting C++

  • By far I didn't do a single project alone with others

    Secret project

    Instead of remaking a flash game into C++, I will do a C++ RPG project, which have no name at the moment

    Nothing work at the moment, apart using a single command. There is a ton of stuff to do

    I want to do two version of the game, one on console and one with graphics with SDL2

    hard part will be the graphics, since I've never touched SDL2

    UPDATED 2021-09-21

    really, 15 days since I'd update? oh well

    the battle system are in the early stage, I still need to think what I want to put into it, new stuff like elemental weakness or something

    but, the main part is complete! I need to learn more.

    I need another html page for this ahahah

    Contact me at link_16_hit@hotmail.com if you want!