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RPG project

UPDATED 2021-11-28

The project is..~75% complete!
Forgot to add, I want a IO system (Save/Load)

UPDATED 2021-11-21

I erased my battle system, and remade another one it was not very clean.
I had problem with monster spawning, now it should be good
For the inventory system, I think it would work now.

UPDATED 2021-11-10

I make a C# program which convert int into custom string...for mapping! it helps greatly.
I shouldn't have wrote the map with 16x16.
Moving throught the dungeon work!
Now I'm seeing a dim light for ending! there is like.. 5 things to do :

UPDATED 2021-11-05

Woops, forgot to update...
The battle system is ready! Sadly I removed some thing it didn't work
No item drop, no status or even an inventory system
College work and life became a little rough on the side
Now the dungeon system! I need to complete the dungeon, there will be some chest which will change up your equip

RPG project date: early Semptember

Instead of remaking a flash game into C++, I will do a C++ RPG project, which have no name at the moment
Nothing work at the moment, apart using a single command. There is a ton of stuff to do
I want to do two version of the game, one on console and one with graphics with SDL2
hard part will be the graphics, since I've never touched SDL2

UPDATED 2021-09-21

really, 15 days since I'd update? oh well

the battle system are in the early stage, I still need to think what I want to put into it, new stuff like elemental weakness or something
but, the main part is complete! I need to learn more.
I need another html page for this ahahah
UPDATED 2021-09-29
8 days since last update!
The battle system is nearly finished, I need to add some AI to my monsters and the victory/game_over and other stuff
C++ is rough, because I don't know a lot about that language, that's why I want to learn it by writing a game
Contact me at if you want!